Your Present Moment

Little Thoughts For Big Days
Little Thoughts For Big Days

Our omnipresent God dwells everywhere at all times but He dwells in our present moment and the key to knowing God’s “Perfect Peace” is to live in that present moment with Him, trusting His goodness for right now, this minute. To trust that God is good, and that all He does is good for you right now!!! Although He had a plan, even in our past, He doesn’t dwell there and nor should we.  If we let our minds carry us back to that place of reruns, we tend to focus on negatives with its pain, failure, fear and discouragement.  It’s a place of bondage and there’s no freedom there! It’s where we live if we harbor an unforgiving spirit ~ “in the past”, replaying the same old offense, and the same old hurt, over and over and over again. We won’t find God’s peace there in that bitter place because bitterness and anger bring about despair and a feelings of resentment, hopelessness and ruin.  There’s no peace present there.

Yeah ~ we can savor its warm memories of good times and glean a few valuable nuggets of wisdom from past experiences and God desires that, but then His call on our lives is to move on with Him one step at a time into His new graces, mercies and faithfulness. We can trust God and experience His perfect peace in our present moment, but if our thoughts wander with fearful imaginations and worry into the future~ well, there’s no peace there either. A fearful imagination full of anxiety and worry, doesn’t see an omnipresent, all-powerful, all sovereign God and His peace is absent from the mind, the heart and that precious soul of yours in the anxious moments. Trust and fear, peace and bitterness ~ well, they can’t dwell together. They mix like oil and water ~ they don’t mix at all!

So ~ beautiful soul, live for now, for this sweet and precious moment of life! Breathe in the grace of the moment, even if it involves pain, sorrow or difficulty. Friend, if He holds the song sparrow in its delicate flight, He’s got you and He holds you when you rise and when you fall. You never slip too far for grace to find you! When the mind is steadfast on Christ, His peace will embrace you and fill you ~ His grace will catch you, sustain you and carry you because He is good and He is just and you can trust Him for that.  That’s what He does!  I love how He does it.

Step Into Peace And Grace Today
Step Into Peace And Grace Today

“Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”

2 Peter 1 – 2

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