Just Believe It

Little Thoughts For Big Days
Little Thoughts For Big Days

So for A new day believe it! That’s all, Just believe God cares enough for you to fix your brokenness ~ but you have to give it to Him. He won’t just take you in for repair without your say so or your knowledge. He doesn’t really work that way! I know there’s a lots of talk about how much control we don’t have and we know it don’t we? There’s so much we can’t fix but we have the power to turn ourselves in to God’s hands for divine repair. If we don’t He most likely won’t, even though He graces us in all and through all of our pitiful states, ‘cuz He’s so full of mercy.

Turn yourself in! He’ll do the rest because His grace is amazing and His love reaches beyond all boundaries for us. And when we don’t deserve it, He’s there with hope for another new day! So in your brokenness, just believe it! Just believe He’s alive and well and real just for you! There’s hope in that.

Have a nice day animated rose

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