Soul Notes To Self

Notes To Self

When you’re racing inside and out and the moments are threatening and difficult and very overwhelming, God says, “I’m here” and I’m here for you in your circumstances. Be still, quiet that mind, and that heart of yours and hear Me out on this one. Yeah, beautiful one, Be still and know that I am God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. The God of the patriarchs and the God of miracles. I’m your God too if you’ll allow me to be.” Hush now, and listen for my peace. ❤

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The gloom of the mundane is chased away with a song from the heart. Psalm 96: 1 reminds us to sing to the LORD and how delightful when even the little creatures sing their heart out in praise to their creator. He made them this way for His glory and our pleasure. Let’s be thankful today for His tender mercies along the pathways of life, when things go right and when they don’t. ❤
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So yeah, life is hard at times with difficult decisions to be made and all kinds of stuff sideswiping us off course! The first thing we might be tempted to do is run! Run so fast right away from it all. Run to be free of the problem or the hard choice or the just plain misery of whatever’s going down. But beautiful you, running in that direction will only be a race as to who gets to the next spot first, because that hard choice and that misery will be there waiting, ‘cuz it won’t leave. It follows us wherever we go! Yeah, so what we have to do is run alright but run right into the arms of our Saviour and our God to find the good that He has for us in the mess of trouble that we have! We can be sure,because it’s a Proverb promise and a soul nugget of wisdom found in God’s good Word, that if we truly search for the good we will find favor! How awesome is that? So yeah, let’s you and I and we and us, always, always search for the good in the bad and in the terrible, horrible, very bad days ❤ ❤ ❤ Let's find the blessing!

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A little “soul note to self” today and a little soul note from me to you: Miracles spring from the most unlikely places of impossible! So what’s on your mind today that appears nothing good can come of it? Well, hear the words of Jeremiah in 32: 17, ” O soveriegn LORD! You made the heavens and the earth by Your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for You.” Ah, yeah, but then hear the words of our Lord to Jeremiah and to us in Jeremiah 32:27, right there in the middle of our impossible, “Behold I am the Lord, . . . is there anything too hard for Me?” And because we know who He is, we say, “No, nothing at all!” And then we believe and then we trust.

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