A Night Of Slumber

The birth of the Christ-child, broke through the barriers of a dark, ripped apart world that night while it slumbered, and it graced and illuminated us with a real-life story of God’s plan of action! His divine solution to the ruin of sin and the death it brings, lay helpless in that manger. Yeah, a real-life story of Jesus’ divine birth, painful death, and glorious resurrection was set into motion that night to bring hope to all people everywhere.

A Star Is Born on that glorious night

So begin today’s journey with a thought at the manger! Ponder the cradle, just to regroup and rejuvenate that busy heart and when the lights go out and the nights are still so dark, and the world still slumbers on in oblivion, you know Jesus. Let His presence calm and lead, awaken and enlighten your beautiful soul.

So hey ~ The night is far spent and our nights are long ~ and yeah~ even at this joyous time of celebration, the world and we ~ still slumber in so many ways, oblivious to His grace, His unconditional love and His divine plan of salvation. Oh, we full-well know and we’re not ignorant of His story and His grace, but we just forget ~ being so wrapped up in gift-giving and wrapping and baking and buying and decorating and friends and family and ~ perfection! Busy hearts, busy minds, and hectic preparation rob the joy from the oh, so-sweet celebration that it’s meant to be.


So Close To Bethlehem

So Close To Bethlehem

I wonder how close you are to Bethlehem today? Right now! Right, where you are, in the middle of a million things, a million thoughts, and a million worries? In the middle of COVID, and its conundrum of threat, fear and anxiety that’s come and nestled quite rudely into our Christmas celebrations? I wonder, can you reach out and touch the town sign that says its name, “Bethlehem,” or are you feeling veered off, lost and off track? Has the perplexity and complexity of it all gotten in and taken your hope, your joy and your peace down the garden path?

See it there then today, with your soul eyes. “Bethlehem!” Ah yes, there it is…

I wonder if you remember or even know the Hope born there that night in that crude stable, is as close as your heartbeat? Does the awesome gift of Hope from God resonate and radiate within you and from you? Does it affect your everyday living? Your thinking? Can you feel the depth of its magnitude deep in your soul, or have you sunk deep into that horrible conundrum of busyness and COVID chaos?

What a sweet gift the baby “Jesus” presented to the world in that wretched manger of straw surrounded by everything ‘less than perfect!’ Grasp, if you will, that picture of Hope for a broken and imperfect world! Not a COVID world but a sin world! Then reach out to receive a fresh touch for you! The thing is, it’s so much more than Hope isn’t it? Hope brings a joy and a peace of mind and a really gentle hug from God to message us that it’s ok. Everything really is ok”, and in that “million and one things” to-do list, His gift of Hope is the stable banner at the top to get you through.

Hope in Jesus, our Saviour? Yeah, it’s our salvation for the soul of us in these crazy days and the help for our day ahead, no matter what’s on the plate.

Because He came, Hope is our gift to receive and recycle to keep on giving. So you see, it’s all well and good! The birthing event of our Savior in Bethlehem, even though so long ago, is really very close, because the Hope He gave to the world that night, is His promise to us and still ours to receive! It’s a sweet gift that keeps on giving to our soul time and time again. So So amazing too, is that as we can share it with others so they can be brought closer to the Hope of the babe born in Bethlehem in their journey of chaos, broken and hopeless. When Hope wells up within, don’t ever underestimate the power of it within your circles of influence to ignite the spark in others! It’s contagious! It’s lovely and it’s peaceful, oh so peaceful!

The Candle of Hope

Today the candle of Hope lights this cold, frazzled earth and reminds us of God’s special gift to us and to a broken, crushed and fearful world! A world so desperate for its stability and thing is, His Hope keeps on giving as we keep on growing in trust, with hopeful hearts in our Lord and Saviour. Finding soul hope in our Lord at this Advent season helps to build precious hope in the hearts and minds of others. This sweet and sustainable gift is contagious and powerful and we dare not ever let it go

So, In these crazy days of COVID and advent celebration, share that precious hope that you’ve found in our Saviour, and touch lives everywhere because all lives matter this Advent season and always ❤

Isaiah 40: 31 … “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Deafening Silence

So, this week, as we move toward Advent and begin to swing open the gates of the celebration season, be sure to listen in to the deep silences for the cries of the suffering! Those who suffer from the loneliness and pain of the time of year that it is! That alone is enough but then top it with the isolation, chaos and fears of COVID and it makes for a time of desperation and aloneness for many. The silence may be deafening and may well be the loudest cry that we fail to hear through the busy noise of our busy days. Philippians 2:4 can be a big reminder to us if we ponder the words of Paul who wrote to encourage the believers,

“Do not be concerned about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.”

Yeah, Paul knew that to refresh a soul would indeed bring refreshment to the giver as he penned words of encouragement from behind prison bars. So as we approach the sweet and beautiful celebration of Advent, let’s listen deeply into the deepest recesses of our worlds for the voice that cries the loudest in silence. ❤

They may be the ones with the most words, the biggest smile, and the most success but if we listen with our insightful ears we may hear a silent sadness in the heart of which they don’t dare speak, because the hurt is too real and the pain too great.