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All of creation poses for a magnificent photo shoot..perhaps auditioning for the most fabulous shot of the day. It could be a gorgeous bloom, a feathered friend, a tree branch or perhaps a spider spinning it’s web. It could be the wildest imagination of a child at play, a favorite pet or an amazing cloud formation. With my love for nature and God’s breathtaking creation in all of it’s exquisite design it’s a given to wander about with a second pair of eyes. A lens that sees beyond what the eye can see. I’m in awe of the intricate detail that God has taken the time to form and perfect for our enjoyment. So much of it is missed by the human eye in everyday living through the hectic and busy days that we involve ourselves in. The camera lens has a way of capturing what we can’t and sometimes just don’t see by bringing the tiniest detail up close and personal in magnified format. In doing so it gives us opportunity to ”Stop And Smell The roses’ so to speak, only in a relaxed setting of leisure. It’s here where our senses can be heightened and our awareness of creation,,, be made breathtaking!

I invite you to relax, browse and just simply enjoy my site of ‘K’s Photography/Fine Art’ of God’s Created Things and grace words.

Enjoy and be blessed!

‘How lovely is your dwelling place O Lord almighty!’ Psalm 84:1
( ♥ K ♥ )

Feel free to download and print any of the photos below and enjoy just leave me a word in the comment box below, that you’ve downloaded and give me your word that it’s for your personal enjoyment only. Selling or redistributing any of the work found on my site is prohibited unless permission has been granted by me.

Thank you so much and be blessed in your day!

Visit my site frequently for updates.



DSC_0064 snowdrop twinkle p blemish removed

Free Download and enjoy
Free Download and enjoy

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