You Choose


I can choose

I can choose to dwell on my insecurities, my weaknesses, my hurts, disappointments, my frustrations and my failures, allowing the enemy to crush me under the weight of their load, or I can lay them at the foot of the cross with a broken spirit, stand back and watch God make beauty out of ashes as He weaves His golden threads in, around, over and through the confusion of my broken dreams. God doesn't want my perfection, He only desires a humble, repentant and willing heart. His desire is to pour His unconditional love and grace upon me to bless me, and give me peace, but He won't control me. He gives me the freedom to choose "His life" over the enemy's death. The choice is up to me.

2 thoughts on “You Choose

  1. So many times in life we make decisons that don’t pan out the way we thought they would. Sometimes it’s just a bad judgment call but other times it’s a definite rebellious spirit that says “I’ll do it my way”, that sets us off and running in the wrong direction, on the wrong track in search of that illusive dream and happiness that’s no where to be found. These “mistake moments” can be just “moments’ but just one bad one can bring us to consequences that we pay dearly for maybe for the rest of our lives. It’s in those times of harsh consequence that it’s imperative for us to begin making good choices in order to see our lives move forward out of the despair that plagues us. Are you wallowing in the mire of consequences because of a bad choice? The first and best choice is to learn from the past mistake and begin again with a repentant heart before God allowing Him to lead us out.


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