Peace On Earth

The angels proclaimed it at His coming and Oh can’t we all use a little peace today? Peace on the earth and peace in the soul? It’s one of the precious gifts He brought to earth when He came to heal the sin issues. Although the whole world doesn’t get it yet, the hearts and minds of those who invite Him in can! It’s a quiet sense of well-being even when all is not well.

Thing is when His people, His followers, experience such a precious peace, they can share it with a world in pain and help to make a difference. It seems we can hurt or we can heal through our choices, our actions, our behaviours and our words. Jesus came ‘kind’ to bring kindness and breathe peace into our chaos. Let’s go out ‘kind’ as He did and breathe even just a touch of His peace to others, through our words and actions. Today, He shows us the way of peace through His commandments and if we follow Him and focus on Him we won’t get lost in distractions!

Luke 2: 14
“Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”


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