A Night Of Slumber

The birth of the Christ-child, broke through the barriers of a dark, ripped apart world that night while it slumbered, and it graced and illuminated us with a real-life story of God’s plan of action! His divine solution to the ruin of sin and the death it brings, lay helpless in that manger. Yeah, a real-life story of Jesus’ divine birth, painful death, and glorious resurrection was set into motion that night to bring hope to all people everywhere.

A Star Is Born on that glorious night

So begin today’s journey with a thought at the manger! Ponder the cradle, just to regroup and rejuvenate that busy heart and when the lights go out and the nights are still so dark, and the world still slumbers on in oblivion, you know Jesus. Let His presence calm and lead, awaken and enlighten your beautiful soul.

So hey ~ The night is far spent and our nights are long ~ and yeah~ even at this joyous time of celebration, the world and we ~ still slumber in so many ways, oblivious to His grace, His unconditional love and His divine plan of salvation. Oh, we full-well know and we’re not ignorant of His story and His grace, but we just forget ~ being so wrapped up in gift-giving and wrapping and baking and buying and decorating and friends and family and ~ perfection! Busy hearts, busy minds, and hectic preparation rob the joy from the oh, so-sweet celebration that it’s meant to be.