Selfish Passions

Matthew 4:4

“Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’””.

Christ had just recently been baptized by John, when the Spirit Of God descended upon Him like a dove and a voice from Heaven identified Him as God’s Son. He was then led by the Spirit into the wilderness for an intense ministry preparation time. Oh, The craftiness of the enemy, to catch The Lord when He was weakened from hunger, to offer Him opportunities to use His status for self preservation in order to meet His physical needs, guarantee His protection and increase His political and economic power. To succumb to such an invitation would have totally ended the mission of the Kingdom of Heaven, the way of the cross and the forgiveness of sin. Christ knew that, and the enemy knew that he had met his match in Christ, as his lies and temptations were rebuked by Christ’s answers. Jesus remained faithful and true to His Heavenly Father and faithful to His purpose. Even though His way would be hostile it was God’s plan for reconciliation for a lost and dying world. Nothing could get in the way of God’s plan. Nothing could thwart it! Not even the evil one, try as he might to bring it to ruin.

How much do our selfish passions for self preservation and position, motivate us to sin? In our quest for selfish, safe keeping and personal comfort, we can miss the spiritual mark of God’s words. The words that bring true, lasting life into a weak, weary, sin sick soul.



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