Overflowing With Hope?

Roman’s 15:13

“But I pray that God the source of Hope will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Before elaborating on the Good news to the Romans, Paul set out the dark backdrop of universal, human sinfulness thereby making the Good news necessary for their hopeless situation. Their hopelessness had a remedy found only in God who was their source of Hope and is our only source of Hope and confidence even today. Imagine a cup of cool, refreshing water overflowing its brim; flowing in constant motion, like a fountain that circulates an ongoing supply, never running out, never running dry, never stopping, never getting to its end.

As we Trust God, imagine God, who IS our source of Hope completely filling us with His ongoing joy and peace. A joy and peace that ushers in Hope that in like fashion circulates continually, overflowing within us, never running out, running dry or reaching its end. Imagine Hope or “confident expectation for good,” springing eternal within us, even in the dark, the bleak, the wilderness, the dry seasons and those oh so down times.

Paul’s prayer was for the people of Rome, his hearers, to overflow with this kind of Hope of glory and Hope eternal. It’s his prayer for us as well!!
Are you overflowing with Hope today?

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