He Reigns…Let Him Reign!!

Psalm 27: 14

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”

Focus on the Lord with all your mind, soul and heart when going through trials, tribulations, struggles, disappointments, despair, confusion, heartache, frustration and failure. Delight in Him! Come into His sweet presence! Wait on Him! Think on Him, meditate on Him! Talk to Him and Listen to His still small voice speaking peace into your situation. You will find He’s the anchor in your wind tossed boat, holding you steady and secure. You will find Him to be the life preserver in your deep water. The refuge in your storm. The hope in your despair. The strength in your weakness! The peace in your confusion. The healing in your heartache. The calmness in your chaos and the victory in your failure!!

So friends, take heart!! Remain strong in the Lord! Be confident that God is looking after you and the events in your life regardless of how it feels. Give Him the reigns, the driver’s wheel and the controls of your life. Remain there, until He takes you out and brings the blessing!! He knows what He’s doing. He’s the sovereign Lord, the creator of all things. He holds your struggle in he palm of His creative hand. He can crush it! It’s His hand that turns rags to riches, and makes beauty from ashes. Wait on the Lord in your time of trouble and He will lift you up to a place of honor, because that’s just what He does. Our God is an awesome God! Let Him refresh you! He reigns!! Let Him reign!!! _