Persevere In Obedience


Psalm 119:114

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”

In Psalm 119: 109 – 112 the psalmist recognizes his vulnerability before his enemies because of his commitment to Godly obedience. He offers praise to God and refuses to fall away from divine instruction, even in the face of evil doers who plot against him. Over and over in these verses, he confirms His delight in and His love for God’s treasured words. What determination He has to stand against evil and be obedient to the end. There is refuge and safety in the Words of our Lord. A place to find peace, grace, joy and a Hope to carry on in spite of surrounding circumstances.

Paul too, knew the secret! He was imprisoned unfairly, accused wrongly, rejected and neglected, yet he stayed the course of obedience to his God. What prison has you bound today? What enemies search for you? Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t succumb. Stay strong in obedience to Christ and like the Psalmist, confirm your delight in His instruction. With determination and Godly strength rise above the evil doers and like Paul keep your eye on the heavenly prize, run the race with perseverance and stay the course to the end.