Teach Me How To Live

Psalm 119: 64

“The earth is filled with your love, O LORD; teach me your decrees.”

In Verse 57 the psalmist confirms with full assurance that God is everything to him. He had sought the face of the Lord. He had considered his ways and hastened to obey God’s commands. He knew God’s faithfulness through the difficulties. In verse 64 his heart overflows with a sense of divine fullness only available through His Lord and his personal dependence on a God of vast love, mercy and grace. A love and mercy so big, so vast, so huge, so exquisite, that it extended beyond the borders of his little world of concerns into the entire realm of the universe. He had resolved to obey and he was eager to be taught. What wisdom followed his depth of enlightenment to ask to be educated by a God so great and so magnificent.

Is God your portion? Have you resolved to be obedient? Do you desire to learn Truth? If so, today make conscious effort to bask in His mercy that extends beyond the boundaries of your personal walls to indwell all of creation. Humbly sit at His feet and learn from Him. Seek His ways and let Him to be your teacher.

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