Your Spacious Place?

Psalm 118:5-6

“When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD; He brought me into a spacious place. The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

And just where is this ‘spacious place’ that our Psalmist speaks of? It’s a clearing of some sort isn’t it? Perhaps it’s a quite place of pure, simple trust in His Lord; a place of safety in the shelter of His wings. Perhaps it’s a peaceful place of rest and security from the struggles that try to tear us apart and the troubles that surround on every side.

The Psalmist was distressed, perplexed and fearful in his troubles and he prayed to the Lord for help and deliverance from the enemy that stalked and threatened. Once he knew that he knew that he knew God’s presence was with him he knew that he had found a place of ease. A place of comfort! A place of rest! God’s hand of guidance was there and yes, a Sovereign God was there and in control of the situation. It was a sweet place of comfort!

Are you there today or are you feeling hard pressed on every side, fearful of what may happen next? Are you afraid of those who are out to get you by spreading rumors or undermining your position? Has something unforseen happened, catching you off guard and placing you in a very vulnerable, unsettling position? There is a place of peace and quiet from the struggle. A tranquil place, set apart from your worries and your cares. Only you and God know your spacious place; that place of freedom and sweet relief in spite of circumstances. Do you need to trust Him today for something in order to find rest for your weary soul? Let go of the circumstances, whatever they might be and Trust Him then! Our brilliant, all knowing creator is fully capable of managing all of your affairs and concerns, so relax and find peace and rest in His presence. Perhaps your spacious place would be a beautiful clearing as one of hope and deliverance, bringing freedom from the despair of guilt of the present or the past. A place of freedom and deliverance from the bondage and entanglement of sin, addictions, selfishness or pride. Christ went to the cross to bring you that Hope and to offer grace for forgiveness through salvation! Perhaps now is your day to come before the Lord, with the Psalmist to catch a glimpse of God’s compassion. To see His forgiveness, grace, salvation and the abundant life He extends to you just because He loves you. Let Him lift you, carry you and bring you into your spacious place. That place of mercy, grace, unconditional love and forgiveness where you can rest in His security, be freed from your past, rejoice in His Hope and triumph in His victory! Who wouldn’t want to find this delightful place of rest? Who wouldn’t want to be there?

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