In This Together

Together You and I
Together You and I

So we’re in this together you and I; fellow sojourners in a temporary land, making our way through one crazy, mixed up world to ultimately reach our final destination. Oh yeah, Heaven is so very real and so very close to our hearts but sometimes it seems so distant and so far removed from where we are today ~ right now, this moment when the way is long and daunting! There’s still so much journey ahead, and we wonder through our wanderings of wilderness where its taking us? It’s a different way for us all, and we find ourselves so often in the difficult places on difficult days. The roads are many: long, short, steep, winding and dangerous with each one presenting its own level of challenge. Sometimes the light is dim the way is dark. Sometimes the eyesight wanes, health fails and strength is zapped. Decisions are overwhelming, and choices are hard, but we’re in this together aren’t we? Your way and my way? Our ways our dotted with enemies who lie in wait to ambush ~ taking us down, defeating our cause and distracting us from our heavenly goal. We want to run rather than face! We want to cry because it hurts! We want to just give in because it’s too hard to go on.

But oh we do have the good days too! Those days when we just know that we walk the way with Jesus as our steady guide, and our sovereign Lord who leads the way and just as God faithfully led the Israelites through their wanderings He leads us through ours. He’s given us the best director for the drama and the best tour guide for the journey, all packaged together beautifully in the Saviour of the world. The only one who can meet our biggest need and save us from the perils of sin and it’s ruin. Oh I trust you walk with Him today on your journey. Walk with Him as David and so many other great men and women of the faith did. So when it’s rough, and smack dab in the middle of difficult, reach out to Jesus and say with David as he prayed in
Psalm 86: 1, “Bend down, O Lord, and hear my prayer; answer me for I need your help. Protect me, for I am devoted to You. Save me for I serve You and trust You. You are my God.”

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The Final Straw


Ok, so the journey is long and the steps are difficult and the end just doesn’t seem to be in view. Don’t we just trudge along sometimes with head down and heart heavy and steps weary? I can only imagine a couple that did the same as they journeyed to Bethlehem for their government duties with taxes to pay and deadlines to meet and bones just as weary as ours! Yet with strength waning and with great apprehension amidst simple trust, nagging deep within their souls ~ they made their way. Yeah, Joseph the obedient through thick and thin, and Mary ~ heavy with child ~ the Savior of the World, experiencing events so complex and hard to comprehend they made their way ~ just because it was God’s plan and they were a part of it. Sometimes His plans are not easy, but it was a beautiful plan, a plan for saving the world and it had to be and it had to be just “precise” in its timing and perfect right down to the last straw.

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No room, and all alone ~ but no! Not alone! Not even for a second, because God was guiding every lonely step of the way, even through their weariness. So beautiful weary you with soul heavy, and heart aching know that your steps are ordered by this same sovereign God that led the weary couple to Bethlehem! He directs with events so perfectly timed that we could never figure them out. He unravels the mess, the complications, the unanswered questions, the apprehension, and the fear right down to the final straw, where you feel like throwing in the towel. So don’t do it! He’s got it! Whatever has you bound in worry, Don’t give up! Mary went through what she went through for the ultimate purpose of delivering Christ to the world and presented us with a Savior and Yeah, a beautiful example for us.

So, our purpose in this life is to do the same through our struggles and our situations! Whatever difficulty is heavy on your plate this advent season, Let God lead you through it with precision as you deliver Christ to a needy world, through your faith and trust and joy even in the difficult.

Luke 1:35, 37
“The angel replied, ” The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the baby to be born will be holy and he will be called the Son Of God….For nothing is impossible with God.”