Making Memories

Little Thoughts For Big Days
Little Thoughts For Big Days

Moment by moment we get through life with the kids…I used to think I’d never get caught up…well, I haven’t…the work is still there, the ironing still sits, the laundry still piles up. Dinner still needs to be made and the house still needs cleaning. It’s just all on a different level now..and as those little ones grow up and begin to move out don’t we seasoned moms realize just how much we didn’t really mind it back then? …

So beautiful soul, and busy mom ~ take time for tea parties and crayons! Coloring, cut outs and paper dolls. Storybooks, bubbles and finger painting. Toy trucks, trains and leggo! Make warm memories now, while you can. Life is passing quickly for everyone even though we don’t see it in the fleeting yet “oh so long” moment of things.

Small Moments
Small Moments

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