Sweet Obedience

Psalm 119:60

“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”

The psalmist seeks God’s favor and unfailing love. In Verse 59 he ponders his life and where it’s going. What direction it’s taking. He knows in his heart that God’s favor and blessing come by following His laws, precepts, statutes and commands. Though evil surrounds him, taunting him to fall into sin, he remembers God’s faithfulness and wishes to remain a loyal servant of the Lord. When it comes to keeping God’s laws and following His instructions, to drag our feet is to allow the enemy a foot in the door. When temptation knocks, we must run, not walk to the nearest exit. Prayer is the quickest, safest, most powerful, most sure and most reliable way out. It’s where we meet the One who died to free us from the ruin and folly that sinful pleasures drag us into. Run/turn to God in prayer. Since He’s everywhere we can pray anywhere with confidence that He hears and know that He desires to deliver us from the evil that stalks.

Let’s step our lives up a notch or two and hasten in obedience to keep the righteous laws of God. To follow His commands and allow His precepts for living to permeate and saturate our hearts, souls and minds. To do so brings abundant life and sweet and beautiful peace, free from chaos and confusion.<

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