Identity Theft

The story goes of a gentleman waiting to board a plane at an airport. While he waits, he decides to get a small bag of doughnuts and a coffee. After making the purchase he discovers one problem: there are no open tables at the coffee shop. He finally manages to find an empty seat at a table at which just one other man is sitting.
The man sits down at this table and begins to peel the lid off his coffee cup. He takes a sip. He puts his hand into the bag of doughnuts and takes out one doughnut and begins eating. Then something absolutely absurd happens. The man sitting across from him puts his hand into the same bag of doughnuts, smiles, takes a doughnut and begins eating. The first man is taken off guard. He does not know what to do. This is the first case of doughnut theft he can think of. He then makes a point by giving the other man a look that could kill. Then he takes a doughnut from his bag of doughnuts and eats his doughnut. Before he has time to finish eating, the other man once again dips into the bag for another. The doughnut-theft victim is baffled and now outraged. He is envisioning years of professional psychiatric care. He thinks, “What is the world coming to? We are now stealing doughnuts from each other?” Surely this should be the end of the story right?

Well, the doughnut thief gathers his own belongings as he needs to catch a flight. He smiles politely at the burgled victim, gets up and then once again dips into the bag to find only one left! He breaks, the doughnut in half and leaves one half in the bag and makes his departure, but not without a final seething look from the doughnut burgled victim. The doughnut victim is, of course, in shock, but he has his own flight to catch. As he bends down to get his suitcase, he’s even more shocked to find his own bag of doughnuts on top of his luggage.

He ate humble doughnuts, as he realized his accusations of the other man stealing was not stealing at all but, in fact, sharing, while he, on the other hand had been the thief! What an eye opener to the accusing and aren’t we guilty of the same kinds of things? We point fingers, accuse and blame others for what we ourselves are guilty of, either knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes our accusations against others come because we don’t clearly see what really is happening and perhaps the problem lies in our own ignorance and perception.


Psalm 27: 13, 14

“Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness, while I am here in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”

The Psalmist here, is expressing full confidence and so importantly “Hope” in the Lord His God, even amidst the struggles of life and the enemies that accused and waited to take his life. Can you do the same today? Are you going through hardship, difficulties, adversity? Has something sideswiped you off your feet leaving you frustrated, discouraged, and downcast. Have poor choices of loved ones, or perhaps even your own bad moves, placed you in the pit of despair? Does your hope fade and do you feel like just running from it all? Remember, the enemy is at work and he roams about seeing whom he may devour. He’ll snap you up in a split second of unawareness, much like an insect entrapped in a spider web.

I watched yesterday, as a bumblebee happily buzzed around some flowers but little did he know of the spider web that awaited his flight. The happy buzzzz came to a very, quick halt as he flew directly into the web. He was completely caught, tight and fast with no chance of escape. The huge spider was out like a flash for the capture to complete his work and shoot his poisonous venom into his unsuspecting prey. Since I was there and saw the whole thing go down, my heart was for the bee not the spider and so I grabbed a stick to release the bee from his thick web of hopelessness. He dropped to the ground, recouped and went on his merry way happily buzzing around the same flowers. I destroyed the web and sent the spider back into hiding. The web was gone, but the spider is still there somewhere, to rebuild and reweave and set another trap. The enemy works the same way and sin has the same snare. Christ is the One who frees us from it’s venom and it’s destruction. He’s our mediator and our way to God. He rescues from the entanglement of sin and sets us on the right path…the path of righteousness!

Focus on the Lord with all your mind, soul and heart when going through trials, tribulations, struggles, disappointments, despair, confusion, heartache, frustration and failure. Delight in Him! Come into His sweet presence! Wait on Him! Think on Him, meditate on Him! Talk to Him and Listen to His still small voice speaking peace into your situation. You will find He’s the anchor in your wind tossed boat. The life preserver in your deep water. The refuge in your storm. The hope in your despair. The strength in your weakness! The peace in your confusion. The healing in your heartache. The calmness in your chaos and the victory in your failure!!

So friends, take heart!! Remain strong in the Lord! Be confident that God is looking after you and the events in your life regardless of how it feels. Give Him the reigns, the driver’s wheel and the controls of your life. Remain there, until He takes you out and brings the blessing!! He knows what He’s doing. He’s the sovereign Lord, the creator of all things. He holds your struggle in he palm of His creative hand. He can crush it! It’s His hand that turns rags to riches, and makes beauty from ashes. Wait on the Lord in your time of trouble and He will lift you up to a place of honor, because that’s just what He does. Let Him catch you in the fall! Our God is an awesome God! Let Him refresh you!

He reigns!! Let Him reign!!!