How Sweet is the Light


“Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 11:7.

Oh, how we love the light after the bleak and after the dreary! When skies are clouded with grey, oh yes, how we love the light then! Oh, how we cherish the rays of the sun when they win and fight their way through tough clouds and how we remember those rays of sunlight with favour in the storms and in the darkness of our lives. Yeah, in those desperately, dark days sometimes we just want to throw in the towel and cease to run and forget to stand, don’t we?

Yeah, those just ‘give up” kind of days where we, for some reason, just can’t even stand on the promises of God! Some days and some seasons, It’s difficult to stand for the Truth, to stand for what’s right, to stand for the Light, or to stand for anything at all, isn’t it? No light, no sun, no hope, no motivation and who cares anyway? Just give it all up and dissipate into oblivion. It seems so much easier and safer that way!

Victory In The Cross

Beautiful soul, are you ‘standing’ strong still or has uninvited trouble sideswiped you off stance, off course, run you off-track and mislead you out of whack? Has your world spiralled downward with all manner of distractions, and taken you along for the plummet? Yes, even when the sun shines and the days are good, we don’t see the light of it always, because too much stuff is in the way of our belief and too much dark covers our insight and blinds our pathway.

“They have eyes, but they see not, ears, but they hear not”

Jeremiah 5: 21.

We cringe, we fear, we recoil and withdraw because even in the sunlight the mind is bleak and dreary some days. Well you and I and we and us ~ When we can’t find the sun, it’s crucial that we look to the Son and the Savior to find His love gracing us even in the dark. Find His care watching over us, even in the night. Find His awesome grace sustaining us over the hard places and the difficult challenges. Find the Truth in His Word to light our way and His protection to guard our minds, our hearts and our souls.

Yeah, in the dark, when the sun isn’t shining for the time, we must seek Him, find Him and follow Him! We dare not wait for life to be perfect and light before we determine to see the sweet, sweet light of Jesus’ face in the inclement weather of life itself.

The writer of Ecclesiastes wisely states in 11: 4,

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”

We truly have a need to look beyond the cloud and see the Son even in our darkest hour because when we see the Son, the sun will shine again and once again hope will rise up within our souls.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Psalm 119: 105

Shalom ~The Peace We Seek

Shalom and PEACE to you today! A generous gifting from our Lord to us. Yeah, Jesus, Our Prince of Peace came to share it with us. His sweet peace is not as the world gives but it’s a sense of well being within ourselves. It comes from our willingness to change and repent and do a turn about of direction. To walk with Him in His salvation and in His ways of abundance. It comes from our trust in our Prince of Peace, the sweet Savior of the broken and hurting and those beaten and scarred and torn up by sin’s choices.

“Shalom” may His favor rest on you today as you seek Him and find healing in Him for such a time as this.

The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.’” –
Numbers 6:23-26
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Little Thoughts For Big Days
Little Thoughts For Big Days

So here we sit, in our human frailness, immersed in imperfections, weaknesses and physical ailments. Hey, you’re convinced you were hiding under the table when the talents were handed out? As a matter of fact you’re just sure that’s what happened. You’ve made more than your fair share of mistakes and the failures? Well, they come with built in weights to drag you down and put you on hold, without any hope of rising!

Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in ourselves and our situations that we can’t see past the pity parties and the barriers of “Why Me” into our potential. You ~ beautiful soul, can soar if you desire! Default to no computer needed ~ and see how much power you have at your disposal? Social media either requires a phone or a computer but not the believer! Not to connect to our sovereign God Most High. He’s just there ~ right there in your presence and He’s given the promise to His own that if we wait on Him, we’ll receive an inner strength and an ability to soar like the eagles in and through our situations and over our limited mentality. What an awesome promise and what a mind boggling thought to pull us out of the despairing pit of “Why me” and take us into the next moment ~ the next day, the week and the month ahead.

DSC_0229 ocean air innocent

Down and out because of weaknesses and failure? ~ No way, not you! “Note to self” ~ God is with you and on your side! He has your back and your problem! Your weaknesses may discourage you but they are His delight. He wants you empty ~ empty of ‘Self’ and that’s where He works to bring you into the fullness of His purpose in your life and make it all count for now and for eternity. Trust Him for that. All that human frailty is your ticket to an awesome power that only God gives to His own. So, beautiful soul, enough of “Why Me?” Get before the Lord and look up into the heavens to see His majesty and authority in your world. It’s all yours when you delight in Him and talk with Him and seek His divine counsel and walk in His divine way. So for now ~ just wait on Him and let Him do the work in you!

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

❤ ❤ ❤