Love Gift

So maybe the only thing we need to think about right now is the little “King” that came to the manger to rest in straw. The One who left the royal heaven-lies to bring the royal heaven-lies to us. You know, anything else we can think on, pales in comparison! One of the most precious Love gifts ever given was given by God to us on that sweet night in the little town of Bethlehem! It was a compassionate gift of Majesty, all wrapped in swaddling cloths and His presence brought Light, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

It was a beautiful example of majestic humility and it broke through the stillness, the dark, the night, the hurt, the pain, the loss, the rejection just for us and for our oh so needy world. So ponder it today! We have so much to be thankful for don’t we? Ponder that baby King who was sent to grow, to die, to rise again and to raise us to new life in Christ. Yeah, such a precious Gift of Love was laid in a crude bed of straw that night. It was beautiful but it was only the beginning of the awesome story of salvation!