Rest For The Weary

Sometimes it’s just one little thing that haunts you and keeps you from joy in that soul of yours. Sometimes it’s just something small but so overwhelming that it takes over your thoughts, your focus and ~ your life. You can’t live without thinking about it and you certainly can’t live comfortably with it in your every moment.

What is it that has you so fixed in its bondage that you can’t get free? A health issue, a financial strain, a bad choice, a child, a prodigal, an offence, a job, maybe a relationship or a relative that has your heart and soul so tormented that it seems to stalk you relentlessly, hounding your every day and your every sleepless night? Where does it end and where is relief from the torment? Matthew reminds us of the Lord’s words in Matthew 11: 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Friends, there is no other place to rest your weary, troubled mind but in the Lord’s care! He’s got you and He’s got your problem. So let Him take it and then ~ oh soul, find rest and find that joy that comes in that simple trust and that sweet, child-like faith.

Jeremiah 31:25
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”

A Life God Can Use

A ‘Daniel’ life, out there and exposed to God’s glory, quickens every nerve ending. It’s not a pain-free life! There will be fiery trials; maybe not the literal fiery furnace noted in the book of Daniel, but hard things that try the very soul of us to see what we’re made of and how deep our faith really goes. A ‘Daniel’ life is not a ‘safe-at-a-distance’ life! There will be lion’s dens to be thrown into and lions roaming about to take us down in defeat! Yet, the thing is, it is the life most alive and most abundant life because in all the things that come and go, our Lord is present in the fires, and floods and walks there always to deliver His own.

Daniel represents more than character. He represents a life God can use wildly in the worst of circumstances…

What role does fear play in your life? Does it keep you at a distance? The enemy will tangle with us as long as we let him. so, beautiful one, go out on a limb for the Lord who presents in our struggles. Fear God and nothing else. Set your mind on Him. Let Him lead!

#Lovedandbroken #Safeinahardplace