Muddy Foot Prints

Ok, fellow sojourner in this journey of life; a new day is progressing and that never – ending joy of the believer, that supposedly never ends, has up and left and it’s left you smack dab, in the middle of your day. The biggest thing is, we don’t know where it’s gone, it’s just gone and the joy that we had a few hours ago has given way to grumpiness, sadness, criticism or a whole host of other unacceptable behaviours.

It didn’t knock and it wasn’t invited it just arrived and stomped on through to leave its muddy footprints all over the day, much like a dog coming inside from a romp on a rainy day! How does it happen? How does this uninvited and very unwelcome guest take it’s seat up front and center in your very well planned day? It could be our eyes got off course and our focus became fuzzy. Our thoughts of the Lord and His almighty hand of blessing got derailed by some unruly thought.

Our enemy is out to rob us of the joy and defeat our good intentions. He’ll use the least little thing to distract us and make a really, really good day go south really quickly. Don’t succumb to the enemy’s lies. Be alert! Nip those thoughts in the bud to keep them from sprouting forth into bloom and dismiss him from your presence! Jesus had His day with the devil too, when he was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil, Matthew 4:1, and in Matthew 4:10, He gives clear rebuke to His adversary when He says,

“Away from me, Satan!” Jesus declared. “For it is written: “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.”

Matthew 4:11 tells us, “Then the devil left Him, and angels came and attended Him.” Ah, we love happy endings don’t we? Those sweet angels that minister God’s grace and mercy in such timely fashion are there for us too!

So beautiful one, when our sneaky adversary comes knocking without invite to steal our joy and when the temptation overwhelms the mind, let’s say those powerful words as Christ said, in His biggest moment of temptation, “Away from me Satan!” and find God’s angels and perhaps a special moment with God Himself, ministering grace, mercy and a sweet peace and never-ending joy once again.

Ah, yeah, we love happy endings don’t we?

G░O░D░ ░L░O░V░E░S░ ░Y░O░U ░A░N░D░ SO ░D░O░ ░I░

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