Burn Out


The excitement of decorating the Christmas tree comes early at our house and so our tree decor with it’s twinkling lights has been up since mid November! All was well for a time but the lights appear to be getting tired as they’ve had a couple of strands needing replacement to keep the tree sparkling at it’s best. Another strand now has just gone out leaving the bottom of the tree in the shadows. It seems to happen every year ~ burn out!! It’s quite frustrating to look and see a dark band or patch around a once beautifully lit, tree. It made me think that maybe that’s the way we are as we spend so much energy in preparation and by the time we celebrate the Heavenly Birth our twinkle is gone and our sparkle has dissipated into burn out. We’re worn out and the lights have dimmed or perhaps gone out altogether. On this Eve of Christmas, Make sure to relax and breathe and let the grace of God bring blessing and healing as you revive and rejuvenate from your tired aching bones and weariness.
❤ ❤


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