It’s Tough To Be Tactful

Romans 12:15

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

This section of Romans sets out the moral and ethical demands of the Gospel. God is not satisfied with just forgiving our sin, He wants to transform our lives. Salvation has to make a difference and requires active response to show in our Christian conduct towards others. God’s love, grace and mercy lavished upon us must show up in our character as sensitivity, tact, kindness, compassion, joy and honor for others with a genuine love for them, working hard, being enthusiastic in the Lord’s work, faithful in prayer and ready to help in time of need. We are to bless our enemies with these good Christ like qualities that lie within us. There’s nothing any more tactless than throwing a wet blanket of complaint over someone’s success or jumping for joy about our good fortune in the face of another’s adversity. Either one is like pouring vinegar on a wound.

Can you take it if your enemy or perhaps your friend does well? Can you rejoice in their success and their gains and mourn with them over their failures, setbacks, losses, discouragements, and disappointments? Sometimes our pride and jealousy make it’s tough to be tactful, but friends that’s our calling and only by God’s grace can we succeed in it.

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