Building Bridges?

Romans 5:10

“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!”

In our natural, human, sinful state, we don’t love God, nor do we even like Him. As a matter of fact our sin makes us an enemy of His. What a drastic situation and what a wretched pit that sin hurls us into. It’s a pit of despair, destruction, ruin and death and our ‘selfish pleasures’ lead us all the way down. There is no hope at that dead end street. However God, in His perfect, divine, sinless state loved us, and loves us still, even though He can’t look upon the sin that we harbor in our hearts. Imagine that! God loves His enemies! God loved and loves His enemies, so much so, that He made a way for them/us, through the death of Christ, His Son, to make things right with Himself and be forgiven, cleansed, justified, redeemed, and healed. We so often burn bridges in our relationships don’t we. We don’t want anything more to do with our offenders, once they’ve hurt us. We say we forgive as we light the match and watch the bridge burn behind us. How we deceive ourselves with such drastic action. How sad when we go to that extreme measure and say we’ve forgiven. How hardened our hearts become! God doesn’t burn bridges but rather, He constructed one and made a way for all of us to cross over and restore fellowship with Him. Oh He sacrificed hugely, in order to do it though! The death of His Son! What an extreme reconciliation and example He has given to us.

It’s a reconciliation that only begins a brand new relationship of sweet communion and fellowship between us who were once enemies and God. Remember, as you feel the pain of your sin and catch a glimpse of the wrong in your life that there are no burned bridges with God’s forgiveness. He offers it freely to you and when He forgives, make no mistake about it, He forgives the truly, repentant and humble heart. He heals and He restores fellowships with us! He sacrificed lots to make it possible but yes, Christ is the one and only bridge and the mediator for us to reach God. The cross is a beautiful thing where Christ’s blood and God’s love reach down to the us who are at odds with Himself to cleanse, and lavish us with a sweet grace, even though we don’t deserve it. It’s a grace that permeates through to the core of our being and we know that we have be given mercy and love beyond compare.

We have to meet Christ at the cross, but we can’t stay there because Christ didn’t stay there! We have to visit the tomb to find it empty because you see, Christ didn’t stay there either! What an awesome God we serve! He defeated death! He came to die in order to bring life to us, through His death and when He defeated death He gave us victory over it as well. Wow! the final enemy was defeated and it doesn’t get any better than that does it? If God sacrificed so much for His enemies, how much more will He give to those who live for Him and live to bring glory to His name? Our lives can be so abundant and full, in our service for the Lord, as we persevere in our faith, claiming His promises, knowing His grace, motivated by His love and spurred on with the Hope of eternal life.

It’s a defining moment isn’t it, when we find Christ for the first time or enter back into sweet communion with Him after we’ve gotten off track? It’s a moment of transformation when we cross the bridge of reconciliation to meet God in our cleansed, forgiven and renewed state. Have you burned your own bridges and find yourself feeling lousy. lonely and sick at heart. Take a lesson from our creator God who made the earth and everything in it. It’s He who builds bridges and restores relationships. Meet Him at the cross for cleansing. Move on to the empty grave to find His presence indwelling within you and find His sweet grace to help you in your time of need. Find forgiveness, forgive others and cross over into sweet communion with the One who came to die so that you might live and live abundantly.

Be blessed in your day ♥♥░ (¯`:´¯)░♥ ♥ ♥
░.(¯`•.\|/.•´¯)♥ ♥ sending You
░(`♥•.(۞).•´¯)░(¯`:´¯)♥ ♥Love
…░ (_.•´/|\`•._)(¯_`•.\|/.•´¯)_ ♥ ♥Joy
…░_ ░ (_.:._)♥♥(¯_`•.(۞).•´¯)♥ ♥Blessings …

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